What is our model of CSR?

We at MHCi see CSR (and Sustainability) as a systems approach that looks at all material aspects of a corporate body i.e. all its key economic, social, financial and environmental stakeholders.  MHCi blogs  in our regular Monthly Features/MHCi Blogs now in their 15th year!

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MHC International Ltd (MHCi) is a social enterprise that focuses upon research and advisory services in:

CSR Executive Training

MHCi will join you in researching how your company’s bottom-line can be improved through a complete strategy that encompasses all the company’s stakeholders. We will help you to determine the costs and benefits of your corporate social strategy in the following ways:

Three days (extensive) or one-day (compact) seminar

Corporate Code of Ethics: Design and Implementation

  • Develop and implement a Corporate Code of Ethics
  • Analyse your corporate mission & values
  • Identify critical areas in your company

CSR – Measurement of impactCSR – Measurement of impact

Apply the framework of CSR indicators (and/or GRI) developed by MHCi to:

  • measure the quality of the company’s relationships with your stakeholders
  • assess CSR benefits to your company.

More details in: MHCi Measurement articles