A. CSR Executive Training

  • Ristretto: 1/2 DAY EXECUTIVE BRIEFING: An ultra-fast, very short and very concentrated session in CSR for pressured executives
  • Espresso: 1 DAY EXECUTIVE BRIEFING:  A fast, concentrated grounding in CSR for busy executives
  • Americano: 2 DAY CSR SEMINAR: A longer and very stimulating introduction to CSR, including background, key issues and trends
  • Cappucino: 3 DAY BRIEFING FOR YOUNG EXECUTIVES: A stimulating introduction to CSR, including background, key issues and trends with a detailed ethics component and case studies. Essential Training for future Managers, Advisers and Consultants


TARGET GROUP: Top management: CEO, CFO, VPs and Board Members.

FOCUS: A short sharp and powerful insight into CSR and what it can do for your company as a strategic business tool

STAFFING: 2 senior MHCi associates

  • The business imperative for CSR:  reputation and innovation
  • CSR and your main competitors
  • A Stakeholder Model
  • CSR as a key to business strategy
  • Best practice examples from your industry sector
  • International CSR trends and developments including what key organisations are doing (World Bank, UN, UNEP, ILO etc.)
  • Own in-house initiatives reviewed
  • Impact on bottom line
  • Action plan and next steps


TARGET GROUP Top management: CEO, CFO, VPs and Board Members.

FOCUS: This will take you from a standing start in CSR to you being able to initiate the first stage in a CSR policy for your organisation

STAFFING: 2 senior MHCi associates

1. Background / Definitions:

a. What do the concepts CSR / CR and Sustainability mean?

  • Definitions / the international context / the national context
  • Who is doing what on CSR especially close competitors?

b.  Is there a need for CSR?

  • Company  SWOT
  • Ethical dilemmas / transparency

c. Case study: your industry best practice

2. Measurement:

a. How can CSR be measured?

b. How do I monitor what is going on?

  • Do I need a Social Audit?
  • Investigate ISO 26000 and the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative)

c. How could CSR improve my bottom line?

d. Intangible assets – what to do

e. Best practice case study:  your industry best practice

3. Communication / strategy

a. How will CSR potentially affect my corporate reputation?

b. First steps in developing a CSR policy:

c. Who can lead CSR?

d. CSR in the supply chain

e. Social media

f. Best practice case study: your industry best practice

4. Next steps:

a. How could I structure all this in my company?

2 DAY CSR SEMINAR: Americano

TARGET GROUP: Mid Management & key employees.

MAX: 20 persons.

FOCUS: An informative, cross organisational view of CSR for companies who are embedding CSR in their systems

STAFFING: 2 senior MHCi associates

Day 1

a. MHCi CRITICS ‘social audit’ questionnaire; results, discussion of the implications

b. CSR issues: background, Sustainability, Ethics, Q-Res Accounting system

c. How to measure CSR for managers – The Stakeholder Process

Day 2

d. Key CSR trends in your industry or sector

e. Ethical dilemmas – how do you deal with them?

f. Industry relevant, practical case studies

g. Action points and how to communicate further


TARGET GROUP: Young future executives and trainees. Max 20 persons.

FOCUS: Awareness of CSR and current techniques and issues as preparation for future implementation or as advisors to senior management

STAFFING: 2 senior MHCi associates

Day 1

a. MHCi CRITICS ‘social audit’ questionnaire applied; results, discussion

b. CSR issues: background, Sustainability or CSR? Compliance or creation?

Day 2

c. Developing Codes of Ethics

d. Which accountability framework to use?

e. The Q-Res Code of Ethics framework: an example of best practice with practical examples

f. Ethical dilemmas and how to approach them

Day 3

g. Key CSR trends; 2 case studies.

h. How does CSR affect your company’s bottom line?

i. Action points

B. MHCi Executive Forums

Executive Forum is a one or half-day in-depth seminar with leading experts.


Previous Executive Forums:

CSR and the Law, London

CSR and the Media, London

CSR and Sustainable Tourism, London

CSR and Corporate Governance, London

CSR ad Labour Issues, Geneva

And, as previous attendees at MHCi Executive Forums have said:

¨ Thank you for a fascinating Forum last week. It was great way for me to start my benchmarking exercise (BiTC) ¨

¨ I really enjoyed myself (SJ Berwin law firm) ¨

¨ I thought it was a useful session. The group size was good and there was plenty of opportunity to interact, ask questions etc. Overall I found it very enjoyable! (CSR consultancy) ¨

¨ I must congratulate you on what I thought was a really interesting day filled with interesting dialogue (CSR Manager, CIPS)

C. Tailor Made Briefings by MHCi Senior Associates

All Senior Associates have a very wide experience of running and presenting academic and business seminars all over the world.  MHCi employs over 50 top level experts in its various courses:

For instance:

Dr. Michael Hopkins is Managing Director of MHCi and is an economist specialising in socio-economic issues. He worked with the ILO for 11 years, and had previous appointments with IBM, ITT, and IDS & SPRU at the University of Sussex. Currently he is Professor of Corporate Responsibility and Business Performance at Middlesex University, London, UK and founder of CSR/Sustainability Advanced Certificate activities at the University of Geneva. He is a native English speaker with fluent French and Spanish

Julian Roche is Vice President of MHCi and is an expert in financial performance and its links to corporate social performance. He holds an MA from Oxford University and is currently also working on his business doctorate. A native English speaker with fluent Modern Greek.

For more details contact:

Michael Hopkins